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To provide specified care to sub acute and chronic patients who after acute phase and diagnosis of their illness are discharged from other hospitals either due to shortage of beds or no active intervention or non affordibilty need recovery time that could not be given at home we bring all these patient under a single floor at a much easier accessibiltiy affordibility under supervision of highly qualified doctors and nursing staff.

  1. To provide specified nursing care and all type of Rehab services to save and ease the life and reintroduce them back to work who have got any acute illness or in sub acute phase of their illness or having any exacerbation of chronic illness or childhood congenital or acquired illness in need of long term care and rehabilitation.
  2. To provide the best of hygienic care dietary care social environment, mental health and focused comfortable pain free palliative nursing care to all those who are in advance stage of their illness and need end of life care.
  3. To provide 24/7 emergency services To make sure of availability 24/7 Gynae and Obs services in hospital.
  4. Providing home delivery services at door step 24/7 through qualified staff.
  5. Providing all sort of injectable medication dressing BP and sugar monitoring services and home attendant at door step to the population of Pindi-Islamabad and surroundings at their door step for daily and monthly basis.
  6. We are going to make a telephonic and online services for the pt coming from any part of the country for treatment purpose to ask about their illness and guide and refer them to the concerned Hospital or GP through a system of advance appointment and performing the required labs in before head so that these non familiar patient time and money could be saved and would be helped in the best way for their treatment and follow up.
  7. To create organ donation awareness in our end of life care admitted pt so that viable organ could be donated to needy patients and making all sort of arrangement for this purpose.
  8. In near future extension of nursing care into HDU and medical surgical ICU.
  9. Affiliation of our centre with medical faculty board for paramedics training and providing our trainee with registered certificate and diploma courses.

Our hard work would be our main patient source

Advertisement through pamphlets, banners, radio TV advertisements

Online website and social media advertisements

Our channel of friends , colleagues, seniors and juniors would be the main referral sources

Handling meeting with our fellows and seniors in all tertiary

Care hospitals for referral of such patients who could be best handled in our center with the aim to decrease the incidence of exacerbation of a chronic illness and decreasing load of bed occupancy rate of a already diagnosed patient who are now in need of supportive care

Hospital to hospital and ward to ward campaign to introduce the launching of this first ever health system in Pakistan.

Our already running home nursing services

Doing free medical camps and work shops at different sites and occasions

Arranging sport and entertainment activities

Arranging talk shows on different TV channels and social media pages and sites


Keeping strict to our mission of charging 30 percent of other private
sectors charges.

Patient would be categorize in following groups

  • Day care patient who do not will for admission and need a daily session of physio and other health education or treatment would be charged as per the procedure and chronic and prognostic factor of illness.
    • Patient in acute phase of illness and require admission for less than a week would be charged 7000-14000 per day for all residential clinical nursing rehabilitation clothing and dinning services. This would not include any medication or investigation charges which would be in separate.
    • Patient with chronic illness with acute exacerbation requiring admission for less than a week would be charged 6000-10000 per day.
    • Patient with chronic illness and need active nursing and rehabilitation and need admission of more than a week would be charged 5000-9000 per day.
    • Patients on palliate care and end of life care would be charged 5000-8000 per day
    • Patient requiring long term stay of more than three weeks for supportive care would be charged 4000-7000 per day
    • Patient with no illness and want to stay in our center would be charged 3000-6000 per day.
    • Patient in need of day care attendant at the center would be charged 1500 per day.(12 hours).
    • Patient kept for observation purpose and administration of injectable only would be charged 2000 per 12hours.
    • OPD patient coming in ER will be charged 500 per visit for doctor consultation and state dose of medication.
    • Performing normal delivery in hospital in supervision of gynecologist would be charged 7000 per case of our booked patient.
    • Performing SVD of non booked case would be charged 9000 per case.
    • Performing C/S elective of booked patient would be charged 30000/case+ 7000 for one day care and stay.
    • Performing C/S of non booked or emergency C/s of booked would be charged 40000/case+ 7000 one day care and stay.
    • Performing SVD by dahie and nurse at home would be 12000 per case.
    • Providing basic home attendant per 12hr would be charged 2500. Per 24hrs 4500.and per month for 50000 for 12 hours. 80000for 24 hours.
    • Doing home visit by a doctor would be charged 3000 per visit and visit by staff would be 1500 per visit.

Note. In hospital stay charges would not include any medication investigation  additional nutritional aliment specific procedure specific apparatus they would be charged separately.

Stay dinning barber daily bathing dressing nursing and rehabilitation care would be included in this.


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Fine Health Care offers at home healthcare solutions custom tailored to your needs and well being.

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