Clinical service at Home

Our Doctor and clinical staff would be competent enough to diagnose treat and prevent some of following condition and their co morbid and complication.

  • 24/7 emergency services dealing with all medical and surgical emergencies for indoor and emergency patients.
  • Basic life support on ACLS guidelines.
  • Treating cardiogenic, hemorrhagic, hypovolemic shock
  • First AID to any medical or surgical emergency
  • Diagnosing treatment and prevention of complication of DM
  • Diagnosing treatment and prevention of complication of HTN
  • Asthma treatment and prevention of exacerbation
  • COPD/Bronchiectasis pulmonary fibrosis treatment and long term therapy
  • CVA management and prevention of complication
  • DCLD and enceph patient management
  • CKD management
  • Management of status epileptics, status Asthmatics
  • Providing palliative care to end of life care patients
  • Assessment of nutritional status and management
  • Diabetic foot and bed sore management
  • Management of CP child
  • Management of different neuromuscular disorders.
  • Management of dysphagia, speech disorders
  • Management of burn and wound contractures
  • Proper and appropriate use of antibiotics
  • Chemo/radiotherapy patient care
  • Proper and appropriate use pain control mechanisms
  • Advising required base line investigations
  • Nutritional assessment and its supplement through diet and medications
  • Doing minor surgical procedures
  • Expert in NG, foleys, LP, central lines
  • Wound dressing, debridement
  • Blood and blood product transfusion
  • Epidural pain management

About Us

Fine Health Care offers at home healthcare solutions custom tailored to your needs and well being.

Working Hours

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