Nursing Care At Home

Our team of qualified nurses will provide quality care. They would work closely with our doctor, patient physician, family, and other caregiver in order to keep safe and help environment for patient and family and prevent further injuries or illness. Our staff will help arrange for any needed equipment and supplies. Nursing services include:>

  • Conducting a complete assessment of patient current medical condition
  • Developing and implementing an individualized care plan
  • Administering treatment & medications
  • Working with on call doctor for any medication changes
  • Updating the parent physician of patient about health changes and progress
  • Home safety assessment & monitoring
  • Fall risk assessment & Monitoring
  • Post hospital recovery at home
  • Directing other members of the home care team (such as licensed practitioners, home health aides, & personal care assistants) about patient care.
  • Teaching basic tasks of care to family members
  • Diabetic Care & Glucose Monitoring
  • Cardiac Care & Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • Wound Care and Prevention (cleaning, observing, and dressing wounds)
  • Care and prevention of bed sores.
  • Infusion Therapy of any type
  • Tracheostomy Care
  • COPD/ Asthma Management & Monitoring
  • Pain Management
  • Medication Monitoring & Reminder
  • Cholesterol Teaching & Monitoring
  • Weight Management & Monitoring
  • PT/INR Monitoring & Teaching of Coumadin Therapy
  • NG-tube Feeding Assistance & Care
  • PEG tube care and feeding
  • Catheter Care & Insertion
  • Infection Control Care & Monitoring
  • Post Surgical Care
  • Post Stroke Care
  • Central Lines
  • PICC Lines
  • Oxygen Therapy LTOT therapy
  • DOT therapy for TB patients
  • Chemo and radiotherapy pt care
  • Nebulizer Therapy
  • Pulse Oximetry
  • Suctioning and incentive spiromery
  • Dementia Care & Management
  • Alzheimer’s Care & Education
  • HIV/ AIDS Teaching & Education
  • Hepatitis B/C teaching & education
  • CP child care and nursing
  • Safe mother/child care teaching and education
  • Child nursing/feeding teaching and education
  • Day care services to the babies
  • Geriatric and old age care

About Us

Fine Health Care offers at home healthcare solutions custom tailored to your needs and well being.

Working Hours

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